• ANATOMICAL SPINE MODEL: The Axis Scientific Life Size Flexible Vertebral Column with Male Pelvis, Spinal Nerves and Arteries is a high quality anatomical representation of human spinal anatomy. The model is 34 inches tall, offers flexibility for the display of natural movements and pathologies of vertebral development, and includes a base for display and storage.
    3-YEAR WARRANTY and SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Every Axis Scientific anatomy model comes with a no-hassle 3-year warranty. If there are any issues with your model just contact our US-based customer service team and we will replace or refund your purchase.
    100% ANATOMICALLY CORRECT: Spine model will flex and hold its shape for study of individual vertebra. Be aware of cheap imported human anatomy models that have anatomical inaccuracies and lack the same level of detail as Axis Scientific anatomy models.
    HIGH QUALITY: Axis Scientific anatomy model are hand-painted and assembled with the utmost attention to detail. This anatomy model is perfect for the doctor's office, anatomy classroom, or study aid.
    PRODUCT MANUAL INCLUDED: Includes a full-color detailed product manual great for study or curriculum development. All Axis Scientific product manuals use real photographs of the model, not just a plain list of the parts and numbers.

  • ANATOMICAL SPINE MODEL: The MonMed | Vertebrae Model is a detailed, 29-inch (73.7cm) long life-size spinal model that shows anatomically accurate features of each vertebra including vertebral body, spinous and transverse processes, vertebral notch, and spinal canal; Includes facet joints, vertebral artery, nerve branches, herniated disc between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae, complete pelvis, sacrum, and occipital bone
    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Used by chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and other medical professionals for patient education to show clients exactly how their body works and explain anatomy; Use for company health programs to explain concepts and demonstrate correct lifting and bending; Students use to study at home instead of making late-night trips to the library
    DEMONSTRATE DIFFERENT CURVES: Includes a 34.75-inch (88.3cm) tall metal stand with 12.9-inch x 8.75-inch (32.8cm x 22.2cm) base and 360-degree pivot hook that allows you to position the model at different angles; Entire structure is supported by a flexible wire that allows you to bend, twist, and rotate the model in any direction; This flexibility allows you to show various forms of movement or how certain conditions may impact the spine
    BUILT TO LAST: Stand constructed from metal for maximum strength and support; Model bones constructed from plastic, model nerves and spinal discs constructed from urethane rubber to represent shock absorption
    EASY STORAGE: Plastic spine model comes preassembled (remove screws to disarticulate); Stand unscrews near the base and comes apart for easy storage when not in use

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